Energize Your Life and Be Successful Everyday Main Course

Avi Kelman

3-in-1 course with over 35 classes. 

Do you want to learn the details of how to constantly connect to positivity on a daily basis and block negativity? 

Learn with master Avi Kelman. Avi has studied with Grand Masters from Eastern and Western ideologies becoming a certified master himself in Kabbalah, Qi Gong, and Meditation. 

"After teaching and training in the past 30 years, I have found that everybody believes in something. I have learned the common denominators that can help anyone. For those who are interested in changing their life, I give simple tools to use on a daily basis." - Avi Kelman

Based on the book Soulfusion Power Up Your Consciousness and Change Your Life by Avi Kelman. Available on Amazon. © August 2019

What is Energize Your Life and Be Successful Everyday Main Course?

Avi Kelman

Energize Your Life and Be Successful Everyday Main Course includes 35 classes taught by Avi Kelman. 

It is a course that teaches in-depth concepts of consciousness and reveals multiple secrets to connecting to positivity regularly.  

This course is based on Avi Kelman's decades of trainings, studies, and teachings over 12,000 students. He has taught through lectures, speaking events, group and private sessions around the world. 

He has taken his deep knowledge and simplified the concepts. Energize Your Life and Be Successful Everyday gives simple tools that anyone can implement into their lives easily. 

You will feel the change in your life immediately. 

You will feel more calm, secure, and in synergy with those around you. This course is for those who are looking for a change in their life. 

Have you been looking for a long-term solution to your stress? Avi combines wisdoms from around the world to find the common denominators and share truth. 

You can finally feel rejuvenated by connecting to the energy of life. Renew your vitality! Learn how to easily refresh your mind throughout the day, connect to true fulfillment, and reach your highest potential by powering up your consciousness. 

Consciousness is everything. 

Once you have completed the course, you will feel happier and more satisfied. This main course includes the segments from Energize Your Life and Be Successful Everyday Part 1. If you have taken that course you can use your discount to reach the next level in the Energize Your Life and Be Successful Everyday Main Course. 

Learn ancient secrets to remove stress, anxiety, and depression from your life completely. Bring positivity into your life on a whole new level. Feel more satisfied, fulfilled, and motivated. Course valued at $5,000. 

Meet the Instructor

Avi Kelman leads this inspiring course, which provides tools to feel more positivity on a daily basis. 

Avi has spent 30 years training with masters from around the world studying consciousness. As he was training he wanted to learn from students. He spoke at large events and gave private sessions to connect to people around the world. 

He found the common denominators that has helped people from everywhere. 

Avi has changed over 12,000 student's lives through speaking events and private sessions. 

Empower Your Consciousness course is based on Avi Kelman's book Soulfusion Power Up Your Consciousness and Change Your Life. Published August 2019 ©. Available on Amazon.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to see situations in life with a new perspective. You will feel positivity, whether it's the first time or you are renewing a connection to joy, happiness, and tranquility. Feel satisfied, fulfilled, and re-juvenated.

Meet Avi Kelman

I was born in South Africa and moved to Israel when I was five. My father, a financial engineer and spiritual author, taught me at a very young age that I can be successful in life by being positive and believing in myself no matter what. When I was 18, I went to the army and became a Sargent Major, which gave me leadership skills for life. I moved to the United States after the army. In the past 30 years, I have been a keynote speaker, teacher, and coach, while running businesses around the world. I am a published author and released Soulfusion Power Up Your Consciousness and Change Your Life © in August 2019. Available for purchase I was an executive of business development and R&D in a family-owned alternative energy public company. I successfully traded commodities and currencies as well as stocks. In the past five years, I have been running Air BnBs in Los Angeles and coached other people to create their own Air BnB start-ups. As a life coach and teacher, I have helped individuals move forward in life, and many couples bridge their worlds together. In other sessions, I have healed clients using various modalities from my studies.

Consciousness Checklist

Do you feel stressed and sometimes you're not sure why? Learn how to empower your consciousness and bring happiness, vitality, and certainty back into your life on a daily basis. The main course includes Part 1.

  • Understand the seed of the problem.

  • Why does stress, anxiety, depression, and other fears come into our life?

  • How do I reduce anxiety and stress?

  • How do I remove depression?

  • How do I overcome obstacles?

  • How do I become more positive and energetic on a daily basis?

  • How do I become in tune with myself?

  • How do I re-energize myself?

  • Learn short and simple techniques to use on a daily basis. Easy to implement, especially if you are stressed.

  • Feel the vitality of life, connect to your true self and reach your highest potential.

Part 1

What will you learn?

  • How can I change my life?

  • What is consciousness?

  • How do I connect to my consciousness?

  • What is soul?

  • How do I connect to my soul?

  • How do I connect to my breath?

  • How do I use my breath to reduce stress?

Part 2

What will you learn?

  • How do small steps make big impacts in my life?

  • What are affirmations and how do I use them?

  • What's the big deal with commitment?

  • How do I use a positive belief system to change my life?

  • Where does stress and negativity come from?

  • Understand how to overcome negativity. Face obstacles with a new found sense of certainty.

  • What is depression and how do I overcome it?

Part 3

What will you learn?

  • What is unity?

  • How do I learn to love myself?

  • What are random acts of kindness?

  • How do I connect to appreciation and use it to change my life?

  • How do I create a flow of energy within myself and to those around me?

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Course chapters

  • 1


    • Intro

  • 2

    What is True Reality?

    • What is True Reality?

  • 3

    Soul, Mind, Body

    • Soul Mind Body

    • Real Change vs Instant Gratification

  • 4


    • Consciousness

    • Consciousness Part 1

    • Consciousness Part 2

  • 5


    • Just Breathe

    • Breath of Life

    • More about the Breath of Life

    • Breathe

  • 6

    Exponential Growth

    • Exponential Growth

    • A bit about Quantum Consciousness

  • 7

    Affirmations, Commitment, and Belief

    • Affirmations, Commitment, and Belief

  • 8

    War in Our Mind

    • War in Our Mind

    • War in Our Mind Meditation

  • 9

    Negative Energy and Bombardment

    • Negative Energy and Bombardment

    • Breathe Out Negativity

  • 10

    Doubts, Uncertainties, and Anxieties

    • Doubts, Uncertainty, and Anxiety

    • Negativity Adds Up

    • Breathe In Certainty

  • 11

    Fear and Obstacles

    • Fear and Obstacles

  • 12


    • Depression

    • Don’t Dwell on Negativity

    • Breathe In Light

  • 13


    • Unity

    • Unity Extended

    • Breathe in Unity

    • Unity & Relationships

    • Selfishness isn’t the problem

  • 14


    • Glass Half Full

    • Appreciation and Renewal

  • 15

    Circuit of Energy

    • Circuit of Energy

  • 16


    • Balance

    • Thank you!

  • 17

    Bonus Videos - more to come!

    • Illusion of Time

    • Illusion of Time Extended

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